Monday, July 24, 2017

VK-NarDep Activity Update - June 2017

Hazel Henderson is a real pathfinder. She is a futurist and a strong critic of the present economic model. Author of several books, including Building A Win-Win World, Beyond Globalization, Ethical Markets and Growing the Green Economy etc. Author Fritjof Capra credits Henderson with being a major influence on his thin king on ecological issues.

Henderson believes that the various threats to peace, community security, and good environment have led us into a new era in which we are obliged to look for values, information, and know-how that we ignored all these decades. In this issue we have given a few of her quotable quotes.

Shri.N.Krishnamoorthy covers the topic of ‘Green Systems’ by way of the usual dialogue between Srimati Annapurna Duval, Shri Krish Phidal and Professor Jnani Noval.  In happenings section, we have covered training programmes on Enriched Bio-manure, Terrace Gardening, Bio-methanation technology, Siddha Varma Practices and Exposure visits etc.

In the wisdom section, Wolfgang Sachs, Editor of ‘The Development Dictionary’ tells us the bad effects of Monoculture while Douglas Lummis forcefully writes that inequality is not an economic problem, but a political problem and finally Vandana Shiva in her usual style says that undermining of sustenance takes place because of market-centered economies. For reading the newsletter, 

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