Monday, August 1, 2016

Green Rameswaram Newsletter

This month newsletter of “Green Rameswaram” covers World environment day along with regular works carried out by our partners:

1. Shri.Narendra Joshi in his blog tells us how the epic Ramayana is having impact not only on Indians but also on other civilizations.

2. Hand in Hand India showcases the unique Rangoli competition along with various activities carried out in this month.

3. In this month C.P.Ramaswami Iyer Foundation shares the knowledge of Amla tree which is related with Bharani Nakshtra

4. Vivekananda Kendra – Nardep highlights Indian tradition of water harvesting and the work of renovation of ‘Dnyana Vapi Teertham.’

5. And finally the celebration of World Yoga day as a part of Social Engineering along with other regular activities. 

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