Wednesday, August 3, 2016

From Renewable Energy to Friendly Imperialism

27th July, 2016 was the first death anniversary of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. In his poems “Phoenix of Life” he writes

“Life is a phoenix, can rise from the ashes

Presents a future at challenging situtations

This altar of ashes is fountain of new life

War was thrusted, martyrdom shined

Memories of soldiers ignite beauties of life

Phoenix is a metaphor of life in its action

Ashes remind us to celebrate greatness of those lives”

The nation celebrated the greatness of this son of Mother India by laying the foundation stone for a national memorial for the 'Missile man' of India and a life size statue in Rameswaram. By remembering him, we all should rededicate ourselves for the mission, which was dear to him.

This month Tenali Raman is expressing his wisdom in the field of ‘’Renewable Energy’. In our happenings section, we have covered training programmes on Bio-manure, Bio-pesticide, Water management and Bio-methanation plants. This time also in Green Health, we have a training programme on Awareness, Documentation & Standardisation of Varma medical practices.

In the wisdom section, Prof.Makarand Paranjape exposes the hollowness of the western philosophy of science and the need for changing the Scientific Paradigms. Dr.V.Madhusudana Reddy warns us about the technology becoming a trap for humanity by its overdose and finally the German sociologist Otto Ulrich cautions us how the western culture is making inroads along with the technology by calling it a “Friendly Imperialism”.  

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