Monday, December 10, 2012

VKNARDEP : Newsletter November 2012

feelingThis month newsletter is about how the whole humanity is undergoing a complete transformation.dancing_wuliThis change is happening around us. Nevertheless we have a choice as to whether we want to change ourselves - as an individual. What is the nature of this change? How does this change makes a holistic transformation?   This newsletter presents you an excerpt on this subject of change from an interview with Gary Zukav – author of ‘Dancing Wu Li Masters’ – which was a pioneering book on physics and Eastern philosophy in early 1970s. However the interview itself is in 2012.
med_iconWe bring you our regular happenings: traditional medical practices workshops, which aim to create awareness about these cost-effective indigenous medical practices which are indigenous to the regions, Azolla training camp and also Shakthi Surabhi training and installation. Shakthi Surabhi bio-methanation plant has been featured in Pasumai Vikatan. In our publications division we provide an excerpt from 'Akshaya Vikas' our volume on sustainable development which speaks about the key differences between Indic way as well as vision of life and the Western. sevenThe former is slowly but surely getting validated by the worldview of emerging trends across many scientific disciplines. Beyond the changing society and emerging paradigms, some values remain eternal. In our wisdom session we have stories from the Upanishads which are both deeply spiritual and at the same time socially and spiritually relevant.
swet-2So this newsletter provides an in-depth glimpse into the way the planet is changing and how the eternal values act as the charioteer.  The Upanishad stories presented here speak of how sharing the food has a mandatory spiritual basis. They speak of how the true knowledge is imparted and how the knowledge is realized as wisdom and a way of life.  You can download all these from the newsletter which is available here. Happy Reading!

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