Friday, June 15, 2012

VKVS in Arunachal Pradesh :May 2012

Acharya Prashikshan Shibir:
14th APS was conducted at the Kendra Head Quarters, Kanyakumari. 118 teachers participated in the 25 days Shibir. The state wise details of the participants are given below.
 Sl.No  State Sisters Brothers
1 Arunachal Pradesh 25 32
2 Assam 27 16
3 Andaman & Nicobar 14 1
4 Karnataka 1 2

Total 67 51

It was an enriching experience for the organising committee members. The enthusiasm and eagerness to learn shown by the participants are exemplary. Km. Nivedita Didi, Vice President, VK, took a series of classes on Bharatiya Sanskriti. So also Shri.P.M. Unnikrishnan, EO, on Micro Teaching and Guidance and Counselling. Dr.N.Gopalakrishnanji, Mananeeya Bhanudasji, Shri. Satishji, Shri. Deepak Khaire and Shri.Hanumanta Raoji took sessions on various themes to enrich the Participants. The enthusiasm shown by the participants loudly proclaimed that teachingis a passion and a calling for them.  Words fail to appreciate the work of Shri. Madhubal, Teacher VKV- Oyan, Shri. Omanakuttan, Principal – VKV Bana, Shri. Kamalakant, Regional Administrative Officer VKSPV, who have volunteered to become the members of organising committee to make the Shibhir successful.

Workshop for Mess In charges and Cooks:

With a view of improving the quality of our students’ Mess, we could conduct a two days’ workshop at VKV- Oyan on 26th and 27th of May.  Shri. Krishna Kumar, Cluster in charge of Lohit and Tirap clusters, Jayshree Didi, Vanaprasthi Karyakarta, Dr. Manumat Chai were the resource persons who couldfocus on the aspects of  Mess administration & Accounting, Nutritious aspect of cooking, Different recipes for students’ mess, cleanliness, Guest Care, economic usage of fuels and maintenance of various gadgets, etiquettes in students’ mess. It was nice to see that Senior Bhayyas like KambuTisso, Govind Swamy, Parashuram Magar guiding the junior bhaiyyas like Ram Singh, Putul Hazarika  and so on it give an assurance that the legacy of selfless work is being passed on to new generation and the holy work would go on and on.

VKV- Nirjuli consecrated:

It was a great moment for our Well-wishers, 1400 students of VKV Nirjuli and their parents as the Vastupooja of VKV- Nirjuli conducted on 30th May in a small but befitting ceremony. Hon’ble Minister Education, Shri. Bosiram Siram, Revered Partha Maharaj of RK Mission hospital, Itanagar, Dr. Joram Begi, Pranta Pramukh of Vivekananda Kendra, Dr.Tejum Padu, Trustee VKVAPT, Sri.Rupesh Mathur, Pranta Sanghathak were present for the programme. The formal inauguration of the building will be done later. It is pleasant experience to walk on the corridors three storeyed building which can accommodate more than 1500 students. While walking on the corridors I was gratefully remembering the persons worked day and night to erect such structure to contribute their share to impart quality education. The names of generous donors like Smt.Vimalatai Ghanekar, Sudhamurthy, Rangutai Padhye, and many more came to my mind. The great work of collecting resources by our elders, Asnikar kaka of VK Pune, etc flashed through many of our mind.

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