Friday, June 15, 2012

VKNARDEP : Newsletter May 2012

Green Fire in a Wolf's Eyes and Deep Ecology  

This is a short preview of what you get in this month newsletter 

Deep ecology is not just theory and understanding of an analytical science. It is based on a deeper and holistic experience. What do the green fire in a dying wolf's eye and the voice of a mountain tell an ecologist? Read how an unitary experience becomes the basis of for the transformation of a conventional ecologist into a deep ecologist. In this newsletter we present an excerpt from a lecture by Stephen Harding on 'Deep Ecology'. Also this month we pay homage to great science fiction writer Ray Bradbury whose science fictions always carried words of caution against destructive self-alienation of human being in a technology dominated future.
This month we had a variety of networking events including two camps for children for inculcating 'scientific temper'. Students immensely enjoyed the groups activities in proximity with nature and sessions on science in every day living. On the occassion the students were also given a manual for inculcating scientific temper in the young minds. You can also read about this publication in our publications section of this newsletter. We also had a workshop on traditional bone setting techniques which was attended by a large number of medicial professionals, traditional physicians and Siddha medical students. We also had panchayat members from Maharashtra who went through technology awareness camps for eco-village concept to be implemented by Maharashtra government.
In the session on wisdom we have three savants: Elisabet Sahtouris a Systems biologists provides a comparison between the emerging systems view of life and how it resonates with ancient wisdom traditions. Sri Aurobindo shows the inner evolution at work in the dynamic canvass of nature. Then nature photographer and theosophist John Van Mater shows how evolution takes life and intelligence to the next plane.
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