Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Gokulashtami And Rakshabandhan Celebration At VKV Kanyakumari

 Venue: Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya M.H.S.S.

Date    : 31-08-2021

No. of participants: 55

                                                      Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya

                                                      Glanir Bhavati Bharatha

                                                     Abhyuthanam Adharmasya

                                                     Tadatmanam Srijamyaham

                                                                           -          Bhagavat Gita

              “ Gokulashtami” celebrates the birth of Shri Krishna, the nineth avatar of Vishnu and “Rakshabandhan” glorifies the chaste bond between a brother and a sister.

             On the very fine day of 31-08-2021, we celebrated the twin festivals Gokulashtami and Rakshabandhan in our school sharply at 3 pm presided over by Mann. Hanumanta Raoji, Vice President of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Vivekananda Kendra. The master of ceremony was presented by Smt. Nalammal, Teacher. Smt. Saranya Teacher initiated the celebration with an invocation. Smt. Jeya Teacher delivered a speech on the importance of the day in which she highlighted Krishna’s life in the Brindhavan, importance of celebrating Gokulashtami and Rakshabandhan and the lesson we learn from Krishna’s life. All the teachers sang hymn in praise of Lord Krishna to invoke his divine blessings. Some of our teachers gave vivid explanation on the avatars of Lord Vishnu. Mann. Hanumanta Raoji, gave a clear cut explanation of dharma and adharma. He focussed on the importance of selfless action in his oration and quoted Swami Vivekananda who said that Dharma is doing something for a noble cause without selfishness. He pointed out “ The Bhagavat Gita” that reveals Krishna as a great teacher. He suggested each and every teacher to be Shri Krishna himself. He instructed us to inculcate goodness within us like Shri Krishna and guide the students to lead the way of dharma. As a part of Rakshabandhan celebration, Smt.Nalarani , Librarian tied the holy thread to Mann.Hanumanta Raoji and the Principal Shri. S.Abraham Lingom. Finally the celebration came to an end by Shanthi Manthra.

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