Saturday, July 24, 2021

Mind your DNA - Fusion of Science and Meditation

 Vivekananda Kendra, Telugu Praant organized Vimarsha on Sunday,20 June 2021.

The topic was Mind your DNA ~ Fusion of Science and  Meditation. The talk was organized on the eve of the International Day of Yoga. The speaker was Smt. Anandi Ravinath, a Post-graduate in Bio-technology, from IIT Bombay who had also worked in the Pharma sector and is a practitioner of Meditation for over two decades.
Smt. Anandi explained in detail how the DNA is a huge power house and how the mind can harness this energy for inner calm and bring about harmony outside. The talk was followed by interaction ranging from meditation practices to physics and genetics.

Participation: 139. (Webex: 79; YouTube: 60)
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