Friday, July 30, 2021

Atma Deepo Bhava - VKVVF

 Vivekananda kendra Vedic Vision Foundation started a unique programme titled as "Atma Deepo Bhava"  which is a workshop to mould ones own life. Four eminent personalities will be conducting these classes and they will be guiding by answering the questions and answers. There by bringing about self transformation in ones own lives.  Srimad Swami Hari Brahmendranandaji  Man. Lakshmi Didi, Sri Raghunandan and Sri Shoukat will be dealing with the classes.  Classes  will he held on zoom platform. In all 100 people have registered for the programme.  Sri Anil K.N. and  Sri Jaya Sankar and Sri Raghunath will be coordinating the programme.

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