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Personality Deveolopment Camp : Nagpur

Personality Development Camp at Vivekananda Kendra Nagpur - May2013 (4) The Personality Development Camp organized by Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari, Nagpur branch, from 01 May 2013 to 05 May 2013 at “Sant Ghadge Baba Schoo for Deaf and Dumb” Peepla Phata , Nagpur. The camp was of fully residential in nature in which sum of 59 children participated.
The participants were generally in the bracket of class V to class X. Majority of the students were aware of the concept and modalities of the personality development camp as  they were regular attendees of “Sanskar Varg” in their respective locality, who help the newcomers by helping in various activities of the five days residential camp.
Personality Development Camp at Vivekananda Kendra Nagpur - May2013 (7)Most of the participants reached early to the campsite on first day. On going through the registration process they were acclimatized to the surroundings and conduct of the camp. The day used to start at 0500hr, with a wake up call for all the campers, followed by “prataha smaran” at 0530hr, and yogabhyas and chanting (strota pathan) at 0645hr. After enjoying the nutritious Breakfast all participants start doing the Collective Shramdaan which is  followed by shram parihar. After a grueling session of hard work, was the time for discourses and contemplation starting at 1000hr. Participants witnessed some amazing lectures.
The lectures were “Amrutasys Putra, Bharatasya Putra” by LakeshDada, “Personality development” by Shri Abhijitji Vartak, “The life and teachings of Swamiji” by PriyaTai and a wonderful lecture on “Sanskar Varg” by Ma. Vishvasji on the closing day. All the four lectures were delivered in such a simplified and interesting manner that children easily understood and assimilated the gist.
A short  break was followed after the first session where children enjoyed the chilled aam pannah in scorching heat. Post tea break was the time for “manthan” or group discussion, wherein they were made to sit in their respective groups  to exchange opinions and ideas on various topics. The topics covered were – “Mera Bharat Mahan”, “Unity and its Importance”, "Be & Make” and “Development of Inherent Potential”. One of the representatives from a gana used to give conclusion of the topic so discussed, followed by summing up by one of the volunteers. It was an endeavor of the volunteers to simplify the subject so that children could assimilate the gist of the topic. Children specifically enjoyed and actively participated during sessions of “Be and Make” and “Development of inherent Potential”. Lunch was scheduled after group discussion, which children used to eagerly wait for! “Hobby Classess” were organized at 1400hr for which children used to reassemble on time. Niyudh (Karate),Varli painting and acting skills were imparted during these classes. This was a “happy hour” for participants as they enjoyed it most. After this  tea break was scheduled followed by “agyabhyaas” organized separately for girls and boys.
Approximately ten agya palan were learnt. Games, motivational songs and narration of stories were scheduled after this. During evening session, “Bhajan Sandhya” was at 1845hr followed by dinner at 1930. The interesting part of the day was after dinner at “Prerna se Punurathan”. Motivational and patriotic clippings were shown, then incidences from Swamiji’s life were narrated, each one of which conveyed a message. The day would culminate with “Gana Baithak” or group interaction during which gana pramukh would make the members of gana recapitulate the happenings of the entire day, discuss their experiences, feelings and views. Sharp 2200hr was lights out, time for children to sleep. A meeting of organising members was conducted after this to discuss the entire day’s proceedings and plan for the next day. This schedule was adhered to generally everyday.
On the forth day of the camp, during hobby classes participants were involved in rehearsing the cultural program to be presented on final day. Apart from this, various songs, stories, games, slogans and idea exchange were conducted daily to inculcate some positive personality traits amongst children.
On day five of the camp, closing ceremony was organized, where Vivekananda Kendra’s Prant Sangathak Ma. Vishvasji Lapalkar  and Shri Bharat Joshi were Chief Guest. Ma. Vishvasji  emphasized that it’s not only the family where children are made responsible but they should also be a strong pillar for society. Children always are beaming with energy and to channelize this energy is of utmost importance. These children are our country’s future  and will resurrect the society and nation as whole. A youth having latent potential, who is ingrained with Sanskars, will utilize his energies for evolution of society. Such Sanskars can be emulated through various social organizations. Vivekanda Kendra is one such organization or a Sanskar kendra which is committed to build youth with Sanskars. Here children are not only taught to respect their parents but to also love and respect their motherland. They are taught to be sensitive and responsible towards their nation.To endorse this, it is expected that parents will encourage their wards to regularly attend Sanskar Varg.
Shri B R Khandekar, Principle of Shri Sant Ghadge Baba School for The Deaf and Dumb,  further emphasized that for the overall healthy growth of children, Sanskar is an important aspect. He congratulated Vivekanada Kendra for doing such a tremendous work to inculcate Sanskar amongst  children. He quoted his own experiences and said that he himself has gone through these Sanskar varg and was hugely benefited by them.
A large number of parents witnessed the closing ceremony. Participants presented the programs based on the skills taught during the camp which included skit, niyudh, yogabhyas, experience narration, song, ekatmata strota. The master of ceremony were Aswini and Rutuja.

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