Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Infinity, Unity and Diversity: Ecohes of Eco

Akshaya-VikasVK-Nardep has been publishing now a series of thoughts of Swami Vivekananda which form the basis of the philosophy for sustainable development. He has underscored the importance of three seemingly diverse but related aspects of what later became the bedrock of ecological science as well as environmental movement namely the Infinite nature of existence, the underlying unity of its infinite diversity.

He amazingly did not devalue one to emphasize the other but harmonized both. Diversity of existence is essential to realize the oneness of Nature. Realizing this oneness and striving to realize this oneness form the basis of our ethics as well as attitude of love and service towards all beings - from serving humanity to conserving bio-diversity. This month we bring an excerpt from the works of Swami Vivekananda where he speaks about this unity and its relation to serving all existence : Why should I love every one? Because they and I are one. Why should I love my brother? Because he and I are one. There is this oneness; this solidarity of the whole universe. From the lowest worm that crawls under our feet to the highest beings that ever lived — You can read the entire inspiring excerpt in our newsletter.
The Rameshwaram Teertham reviving project has been steadily evolving as now the Draupadi Teertham - another neglected and polluted water body in the holy island of Rameshwaram in getting de-silted and purified of the pollutants. The crumbling walls around the structure whose water harvesting area has already been diminished for laying out roads are in need of immediate attention and the timely intervention by VK-nardep has actually saved thisTeertham from getting lost to posterity for ever. You can read about this work in the newsletter.We have had an exciting set of monthly activities, with Sustainable agriculture camps, awareness visits by farmers and students, workshops for training of Shakthi Surabhi bio-methanation plants and workshop on traditional Nadi diagnostic techniques of Siddha medical system. They have all been well received by the target communities of professionals as well as general public.

In the publication section, you can read an excerpt from the acclaimed publication 'Akshaya Vikas' discussing the need for conserving bio-diversity: providing an Indic perspective. In the wisdom section we have three savants from India :Acharya J C Bose the scientist, Gurudev Tagore the poet describing the science and beauty of the unity and value of all life and then we have Mahatma Gandhi - practicing this unity and value of all life through his own example - trying characteristically of him : to live in harmony even with venomous snakes.

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