Friday, May 10, 2013

VIVEK DEEP in VKV Tinsukia campus

7 youth ( 2 from Gossaigaon,  3 from Karbialong, 2 from Sadia) assembled VIVEK DEEP(solar street light) in VKV Tinsukia campus. It was inaugurated at 8 pm in the campus. Parents who had come for parents meeting, guests from Mumbai (counseling team) were present in the programme. Immediately a parent invited the youth to assemble similar light in his house. NEA Sadia has invited the youth to train the people in Sadia. Two of them went for energy audit in Moran. Moran villagers are also has shown interest in VIVEK DEEP project. Trainer for this programme were the youth who attended training in Gossaigaon and  Rupali Tumungpi, Karbialong who has completed one year   training in Vigyan Ashram Pabal, Pune.

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