Monday, June 12, 2017

Karyakarta Prashikshan Shivir​ @Telugu Prant ​​

Praant Karyakarta Prashikshan Shivir was held in Telugu Praant from 11 a.m. on 21- 1 p.m. on 28 May 2017. Participants: 7 and organising team -6 (of this one was a participant). Total: 12.

In addition to the regular sessions, there were a series of five sessions on Bharateeya Sanskriti: 1.Dharma - the Soul of India 2. Punyabhoomi Bharat and its glorious past 3. ​Varna and Aashram Vyavastha 4.The Bharateeya Vision of Indian Womanhood and 5. Bharateeya Ideal of Seva (Pancha Mahayagna and the functioning of the Ideal Social Order). A special session on Gita in Daily Life was taken by Dr. Sarojini who is a visiting Professor at the University of Hyderabad. Guests who came to take sessions were Sri D.Shanmukheshwar Rao, Co-ordinator, Saksham, Telangana Praant and Sri G. Anil Kumar, Co-ordinator FTS - South India. The Aahuti Satra was taken by Sri CV Ramuluji, Praant Sanchalak and Sri Maruthimohan Reddy, Vibhag Pramukh, Rayalaseema Vibhag.

As a tribute to Sister Nivedita Sri PVS Karthik Kumar narrated inspiring incidents from her life during Prerana se Punarruthan. Yoga Satra-Varga as well as two sessions to familiarise participants with the International Day of Yoga were taken by Sri G. Srinivas, Jeevanvrati and Prakalpa Sangathak, VK Kaushalam. Sri Rama Sudhakar and Sri Vijay Kumar coordinated the Samskar Varga sessions.

300 families were contacted through a special Samparka drive in areas around the VK Kaushalam campus. In addition to a brief Kendra parichay, families were invited to join Sanskar Varga and Yoga varga.

Regular Yoga varga participants at VK Kaushalam also joined for the daily Yoga Varga and some joined for the Kendra Varga and Samskar varga also.

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