Monday, August 13, 2012

Science & Mathematics workshop at Silchar, Assam

Science & Mathematics workshop at SilcharThe Science & Mathematics  workshop was started in VIVEKANANDA KENDRA VIDYALAYA(VKV), Ramnagar, Silchar from 4th of August 2012 under the guidance of Kum. Lalita Didi, Joint Secretary Vivekananda Kendra Siksha Prasar Vibhag. Two resource teachers Sri Sonu Gupta of VKV, Tinsukia and Sri Biju Rai Singhania of VKV, Umrangso along with ten resource students from VKV Tinsukia, VKV, Dibrugarh, VKV Tingrai, VKV Umrangso were present. 86 students of class VII, VIII, IX & X were participated in the workshop, The participant students are from VKV, Ramnagar, Silchar & VV Irongmara. The workshop was from 4th to 7th August, 2012.

Science & Mathematics workshop at Silchar
The participants were divided into various groups according to the subject physics, working model and mathematics. The participants students were prepared various models of Science & Mathematics which were judged by the following persons:

1.Sri Shasanka Roy, Headmaster, VKV, Ramnagar, Silchar
2. Sri  Sonu Gupta, Maths Teacher, VKV, Tinsukia          
3.Supriya Chakraborty, Science Teacher, Kachakanti Vidyamandir, Udarbond
4. Susmita Deb, Science Teacher, Kachakanti Vidyamandir Udarbond  
5. Ratna Chakraborty. Kachakanti Vidyamandir Udarbond   
6 . Sri Krishna Das,  Science Teacher, B.C.Roy Memorial Academy, Silchar.   
7. Prithwish Kumar Roy, B.C. Roy Memorial Academy, Silchar   
8. Sri Dilip Nath, Science Teacher, Surya Kumar High School, Silchar.   
9. Padmini Roy, B.C. Roy Memorial Academy, Silchar.
Science & Mathematics workshop at Silchar
On  5th August Hon. MP of Silchar Sri Kabindra Purkayastha was visited &  seen all the models prepared by the participants.

In the Veledictory funtion Kum. M.S. Lalita shared her experience about the non-formal teaching. Afterwords teachers and students also shared their experiences. The programme was concluded with praying God for world peace – (Vedic Chanting) Shanti Mantra followed by Vivekananda Kendra Prarthana.

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