Sunday, August 12, 2012

VK-Nardep Newsletter June 2012

Dear Friend of VK-nardep,

This month we bring in our newsletter an excerpt from a concept paper that deals with cultural values and bio-diversity conservation. In their paper ‘Integrating Cultural, Spiritual and Ethical Dimensions into Conservation Practice in a Rapidly Changing World',by Mark Infield & Arthur Mugisha, the authors bring out very clearly how each sub-set of cultural values are closely linked to various aspects of nature conservation. This gives a valuable framework for nature and bio-diversity conservation through culture. For a society like that of Indian society such a framework is very much important and relevant.

We bring you the various activities that are happening at VK-nardep including the free medical camps, workshops on the revival of ancient and endangered traditional medical system, Bio-methanation plant training programme and installation of bio-methanation plants in Tamil Nadu. This month as ever has been offering us rewarding experiences in taking sustainable technologies to people in general and rural & student communities in particular. We have given a comprehensive appraisal of our Hindi publications in this newsletter and if you want any of them please do contact us at

Our page of wisdom this month brings you thoughts of three wise men: two from the west and one from the east. Aldo Leopold the famous ecologist speaks of the planet as one mega-life. Written years before James Lovelock revealed the planet as one dynamic dance of Gaia, the passage is remarkable for the vision it unveils. Physicist George Sudarshan shows how physical science as contemplation on nature, can become meditation and a yoga of uniting us with nature.Henryk Skolimowski, an eco-philosopher from Poland, speaks of ecology as a spiritual Dharma for every individual. These voices across the planet and disciplines give us the same message: a vision of oneness and action emanating from that vision as spiritual sadhana.

That is what VK-nardep is doing through its activities.

You can download our newsletter here.

And we wish you a pleasurable reading experience along with wishes for happy Krishna Jayanthi and happy Independence Day.

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