Monday, August 27, 2012

Guru Poornima Utsava at Delhi

Janmastmi Mahotsava at SuratGurupoornima a great festival of Indian culture & our immense education system; is occasion to express our gratitude towards Guru & recall the mission for which he had been with us. With the aim to preach the same message Vivekananda Kendra; Delhi Prant had celebrated the festival in the month of July at four various Nagars & Vistars; total 127 well-wishers of Kendra have attended these celebrations from all the vibhags, namely Delhi, Haryana & Yamuna Vibhag. Prayer, Geet, Cultural Performance, Drama, Lecture,  Bhajans & Kendra Prarichay were the components of the programmes.
On 8th of the July, 2012 Gurupoornima was celebrated at Murthal Village; Sonepat Haryana. It was organized by local karyakarta with inspiration & guidance from Vivekananda Kendra. Speaker Dr. Ashok Batra conveyed a wonderful message on moral and ethical values of the Indians to audience. Dr. Sudhir Garg came out with his powerful thought on importance of real guru which was adorable. 25 people took note and get benefited of these talks.
Janmastmi Mahotsava at SuratWhile Sonepat was celebrating Gurupoornima, Nangal Raya Vistar of Janakpuri Nagar was busy in preparation of celebration; On 15th July, 2012 at Sanatan Dharm Mandir, Khajan Basti the programme was started  with 40 well wishers. A Devotional song, Nritya Vandana were performed by young karyakarta of samskar varg, After that Smt. Neema Bhatt had given the introduction of Kendra & Swami Vivekananda 150th birth anniversary; Sri Dilip Singh Ji  karyakarta from Laxmi Nagar have delivered a lecture on Gurupoornima, in the talk he gave focus on knowing our true inner self & the one who shows us this or by which we realize the divinity in our self  is our Guru in real sense; rather than mere talk of knowledge he had weighted on realizing the truth. Children from Samskar Varg have performed a beautiful drama on relevance of Guru-Shishya parampara in current scenario & Swami Ji & Sri Ram Krishna. Than after in vote of thanks Smt. Savita Vasudev had throw light on “Who are we? “ and the clear answer was “Vayam Suputra Amrutasya Nunam”  she explained this fact very simply with a story of Hari-The Loin, in which a lion cub was perceiving himself as a sheep & letter on a Lion make him realize about his actual existence the divinity. After some Bhajans by Bhajan Mandali of Nangal Raya vistar the program ended with Shanti Mantra followed by Prasad Vitaran.
On 16th July, 2012 with 20 well-wishers Gurupoornima was celebrated at Aryasamaj Mandir, , Paschim Vihar Nagar. The programme was started with prayer; Sri Mahendra Singh Ji, Sanchalak Paschim Vihar had introduced importance of the Grupoornima from the point of view of Kendra. Smt. Savita Vasudev had delivered a lecture on Guru Poornima; After Kendra parichay & a call to join the celebration of Swami Vivekananda 150th Birth Anniversary,  Ku. Sruti had presented quotation of Swami Ji. The program was ended with Shanti Mantra & Prasad Vitaran.

Lastly Gurupoornima was celebrated in Red Rose public School, Mohan Garden Vistar of Janakpuri Nagar, on 22nd of  July, In presence of  Chief Guest-Smt. Prem Agraval  & speaker of the day Smt. Savita Vasudev. 42 people have taken benefit of the programme.
The Programme was Stated with 3 Omkars & Prayers, By the theme song of Swami Vivekananda's 150th Birth Anniversary "Sada Vivekanandamayam.." an ora of possitive energy was spreaded. To give Introduction of Kendra's activity to all present people so that they can also contribute in the mission of Man Making & Nation Building a small speech was delivered. A skit was performed by Karyakarta of Samskar Varg, it was about our ancient tradition of Guru & Shishya. The skit was derived from Ramayana & life of Swami Vivekananda & Sri Ram Krishna. Then After Savita Didi make every one understand about the real Guru. She has explained this fact with an example of a Lion; Who has misunderstood his potential & forgotten his real existence. Than another Lion came & pushed him to realize his actual ability. She also narrated many other story from Upanishad & Puranans, then they sung some bhajans collectively & vote of thanks was give by Shri Raj Mongia Ji Nagar Pramukh of Janakpuri Nagar. The Programme was happily ended with Shanti Mantra followed by Prashad Vitaran.
With this celebration Delhi took a one more step towards creating “Vivekanandamayam” environment.


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