Friday, March 29, 2019

From Gandhi Peace Award to Cyclical Patterns

Sir Albert Howard was an English botanist, an organic farming pioneer, and a principal figure in the early organic movement. Howard worked in India as agricultural adviser and was in charge of a government research farm at Indore. Howard observed and came to support traditional Indian farming practices over conventional agricultural science. Though he journeyed to India to teach Western agricultural techniques he found that the Indians could in fact teach him more. One important aspect he took notice of was the connection between healthy soil and the villages' healthy populations, livestock and crop. His 1940 book, An Agricultural Testament, is a classic organic farming text. In this issue, we have given some of his quotable quotes.

Vivekananda Kendra received the prestigious Gandhi Peace Prize. In this issue, we are covering the details along with the citation.

In happenings section, we have covered various training programmes such as:

Composting technologies
Terrace garden
Vermi compost techniques
Fish amino technology
Construction of Bio-methanation plants
Paper presentation and usual Networking.
In the wisdom section, we are covering Vertical drift by way of the breakdown of villages, migration to the towns and the subsequent misery. Shri.Edward Goldsmith environmentalist, Writer and a Philosopher suggests Small scale alternative for Spiritual wellbeing and finally Shri.Gunter Pauli author of ‘Blue Economy’ advocates Cyclical patterns in business as in ecology.

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