Friday, February 27, 2015

Vishwabhanu Dec-jan 2015

One of the most wonderful things about our Motherland is how she has withstood the shock of centuries’ of military and cultural invasions and has still maintained her spiritual wisdom and cultural unity. She has held together in a federal  form, scores of religions, cults, philosophies and cultural traits, leave alone languages, dress hab-its and living customs. Despite all these she has  projected herself as one entity; we may add one without a second.

This unity is not superimposed militarily or  forcibly. It is a very very natural phenomenon.  Just as a huge banyan tree spreading itself with its big and small branches, branchlets up to the tiniest buds maintain its unity, so has Bharat remained as one. This is made possible because throughout the whole huge tree of Bharat the sap that rejuvenates, nourishes and maintains its unity is one and one only. Our great seers from Vedic times onwards understood the great secret behind the universe, as One in the many and made realizing that One the goal of human exist-ence, the sum and substance of it. The result is our “Bharat Mahan” for the whole world to see and emulate if need be.

That sap, the One without a second is the  power Eternal Truth, the Truth which the great seers divined deep within themselves when they learnt to shut the five sense organs to the world of sense objects. This capacity of introversion, enabling one to climb the citadels of Truth came as natural gift to those who turned their atten-tion from the world outside to the within. Wonder of wonders is their discovery that this capacity for Self-actualization is inherent in every human being. One has only to strive for it.

It is this concept of truth, its Oneness that has held this nation together as one entity irrespective of her multiplicity of cultural traits and bewildering complexity of regional character-istics. When money and lust became the twin deities of the world culture, sad to say, India also  followed suit. Despite a strong foundation built on Satya and Dharma. Presently it looks almost impossible to turn the cloth back, yet it is the sacred duty of every Indian to help our Mother-land gain back her spiritual wisdom and culture.  Attempts we must. India’s cohesion and strength lie in the unbreakable spiritual - cultural thread  passing through all paths of the country despite its striking differences in languages, customs, dress and habits.

Let us not forget that it is this inner bond that enabled us to gain freedom from the alien rule. Spirituality alone can instill undaunted cultural patriotism surpassing the divisions of the cast, community and religion. We have to help the people to regain this vision of Oneness and for that we need a cultural and spiritual reinforcement in the country. “Satyam param dheemahi” must become the battle cry of the new generation.

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