Thursday, September 5, 2019

VKV Kallubalu May Month Activity Report

A month long  Teachers’ orientation programme started on 1 May 2019. Spoken English, Activity based learning, Shlokas and Prayers, academic preparation for the next session were the part of the training. 10 teachers took part in the training.

On 2nd May, classes were started for class VIII to X. Dr.T.G.K. Murthy ji, Distinguished scientist, ISRO and well-wisher of Vivekananda Kendra motivated the students towards striving for higher goals through his address. He mentioned, the students must think always “I will do good for the society and nation”. Also he interacted with the teachers and insisted upon the greater role of teachers.

On 3rd May, a live Demo on Digital Photography by Srinivas kumar was attended by 55 participants. A 3600 photo of Vidyalaya was captured. Web caste of the same was viewed by 1400 people.

Samskaravarga Prashikshan Shibir was conducted from 14th to 24th May. Adharneeya Lalita didi and Adharneeya Gayathri didi guided the Varg Shikshaks to improve the quality and quantity of sanskar vargas. 16 varga shikshaks participated.

On 18th, Samskara varga was conducted  in 8 villages.  Number of students attended 170.

On 19th, trekking and Nature walk was organized from Kallubalu to Bannerughatta forest through Madappanadoddi and Kasuvinakute village. Interaction with the villagers, study of herbal medicine were the part of the programme. 25 students from VKV and 30 people from Banglore city were the participants.

On 25.05.2019, a demo  class was arranged for teachers. Topic:  Qualities of a teacher and  Parasparam Bhavayantaha, an innovative way of coming to mutual understanding between students and teachers was discussed.
From 27th  to 30th May, Transcendental Meditation course was conducted by Mr.Kishoreji and Mrs. Aruna ji, 40 students from class VIII to X and 6 teachers attended the programme.

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