Saturday, August 3, 2019

Inauguration of Medical Center at Tinsukia, Assam

Inauguration Ceremony of Vivekananda Kendra Medical Centre on 5th-June-2019 was really a great moment for all of us... added another service mission in our list. The day 5th June is also regarded as the 🌍 Environment Day. This year the great festival of Idul Fitre was also celebrated on the same day. The Medical Centre has organized a free Medical Camp on this auspicious day with the help of services extended by some well-known doctors from Assam & Maharashtra, namely (1) Dr. K.R Dey- Gynecologist (2) Dr. G.S Gogoi- Ophthalmologist (3) Dr. Anirban Das- Dental Surgeon (4) Dr. S.D Singh- Physiotherapist (5) Dr. Vijay Tungar- Pathologist (6) Dr. Debashis Dey Adhikari- General Physician (VK-Arunjyoti) (7) Dr. Biswambar Roy- General Physician (VK-Medical Center) (8) Dr. Chaitrali Hemant Pavnaskar- Speech Therapist.

On the day, an encouraging number of 125 registered and 27 unregistered patients (Turned on after 1.30pm) were being provided treatment and 26 numbers of patients were being tested in the newly started pathological ab and accordingly respective reports of the same been handed over to all the patients. At present the pathological lab can perform and consequently handle more than 30 tests every day.

It is worth mentioning here that, we were fortunate enough to have Shri. B.P Bakshi, the founder member of Tinsukia Lions Club on that day, who had at seventies extended his services to Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade and worked together to established this Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya of Laipuli in Tinsukia.

On this inaugural day the rituals of Mangalacharan, lightening of Diya being concluded at 9.30 am then felicitation to the senior dignitaries like Dr. K.R Dey, Dr. Vijay Tungar, G.S Gogoi, Shri B.P Bakshi were accomplished. There were more than 60 invitees’ present in the morning on the day including the karyakartas from Nagar Samiti, Vkendra, well-wishers and Principal of the school Shri. Gurucharan Das.

On this ceremony Ma. Pravinji, Aa. Aparna Didi, Aa. Meera Didi and Aa. Rupeshji were also present. After felicitation program was over, the senior dignitaries namely Dr. K.R Dey, Dr. Vijay Tungar elaborated the benefits of this medical center and the services a patient may receive during their treatment with an affordable health care facilities. Ma. Pravinji highlighted the objective of opening and constructing this Medical center in the midst of rural mass and welcomed all the patients, villagers and mass people to come forward and cooperate with this center for better services. He also mentioned how this Medical center came into being with the donation received from different corner of the country and abroad.

On the same day in the evening at “Vimarsh Session” Swami Achyuteshananda Maharaj, the Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission, Narottam Nagar, Arunachal Pradesh was invited as a Key Note Speaker on the topic “Seva” by 5 pm onwards. He delivered his speech on Seva Dharma very clearly and nicely in a very positive way. We could all gather and learn the true meaning of SEVA and how to set our mind on that as a whole.

The Vimarsh session was presided over by Swami Achyuteshananda Maharaj and Medical Center Core Team Pramukh Dr. Purnendu Kumar Das. Another Core Team Member Shri. Amit Agarwal was the host of the program. After the welcome address Aadarneeya Meera Didi discussed the all-round development and activities of Vivekananda Kendra in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and also in different parts of India. Aa.Didi also highlighted the profile of the Vkendra in a very optimistic manner.

After the welcome address a Patriotic Song, namely “Nirmano Ke Pavan Yug Mein”was presented by the hostel boys of the VKV-Tinsukia along with Giti Didi and a girl student Divya in a very melodious voice.

In the evening at Vimarsh, the invitees present were about 130. The overall programme was concluded at around 7 pm followed by a light refreshment.

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