Monday, April 4, 2016

From the True education to the limitations of Modern Science

This month’s newsletter brings you the extracts from our popular book “Samagra Vikas” – Development with a Human Face. Prelude to different topics in the book is written by our colleague Shri.N.Krishnamoorthi. He has used Tenali Raman as a Mascot who describes the real education.
In our happenings section, we have a series of training programmes for Fish Amino technology, which were sponsored by NRDC, New Delhi. Inauguration of Varma camp, having overwhelming response and students coming from Colleges for internship.
In the wisdom section, we have C.Douglas Lummis, an American lecturer writing on Equality, Wolfang Sachs, a famous German researcher giving Co-relation between Languages and Culture ad Claude Alvares, an environmentalist from Goa tells us about the limitation of Modern Science. You can download and read our newsletter here.
As informed earlier, we will be sending a separate newsletter on “Green Rameswaram” project describing the works of various partners and stakeholders. The role of VK-Nardep in Green Rameshwaram project is only of a catalyst.

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