Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vijay Hi Vijay Mahashibir at Barak Valley, Assam

A state level project for Ignited Youth, named Vijay Hi Vijay has been completed in October 2011 at Assam University Campus, Silchar, Assam. 66 karyakarta prepared themselves to dynamically manage their gan (group) by attending preparatory shibir "Gana Pramukh Prashikshan Shibir", which was held from 18 Oct to 21 October.

Vijay Hi Vijay Mahashibir was started on 21st afternoon with 482 participants from different parts of Barak Valley and N C Hills and 200 organizing team members including Assam University Staff members.
The shibir schedule start with morning prayers, followed by YogAbhyas. Various distinguish personality from society share their experiance by various Baudhik session and Vijay Kshan which's followed by interactive questions and answers. All the participants like the Games session which has specially selected games for inculcating Team Spirit & Organised Approch, which is followed by active participation of Bhajan Sandhya. These five days mega camps help youth to imbibe Discipline Organised life with effective time managments.

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