Vivekananda Kendra Samachar 2019-20

Respected and Dear Sisters and Brothers


We are sending 2019-20 ‘Vivekananda Kendra Samachar’ in Electronic format.

We wish all the best to our Patrons who are great pillars to Vivekananda Kendra. You are not only the supporters financially but morally too to all the JIVANVRATIES as well as other full time workers who are engaged day and night in the service of our Motherland. Vivekananda Kendra is marching forward day by day through different activities and spreading message of Swami Vivekananda, ‘Serve Man Serve God’.

As you must be already aware that ‘Vivekananda Rock Memorial’ (VRM) is completing its journey of fifty years in 2020 and Vivekananda Kendra has taken a program of SAMPARK under the title Vivekananda ShilaSmarak - Ek Bharat Vijayi Bharat nationwide from 2nd September 2019. As VRM was Inaugurated by then Rashtrapati Shri V. V. Giri on 2 September 1970, the All India Team had First Samparka with the Mananeeya Rashtrapati  Shri Ram Nath Kovindji on 2nd September 2019. And then with Mananeeya Uprashtrapati Shri Vainkaiyya Naiduji and also Mananeeya  Pradhanmantri Shri Narendra Modiji.

We have extended the celebration to 2021 and planned to have Samparka with all the segments of the society and while meeting them we try to re-awaken the spirit of unity as during VRM construction wherein all types people – from common man to Industrialists, to State Government and also to Central Government. Each one contributed. Thus whole Bharat came together not only for financial support but they had participated in two months long ‘Inaugural Program’. Thus a beautiful structure of VRM, in spite of gigantic initial problems could come into existence because of the efforts of Mananeeya Eknathji’s concept of EK Bharat - Vijayi Bharat.

Wish all the best for forth coming Deepavali.

Yours Ever in Service of the Motherland,  

(Rekha Davey)
Joint General Secretary

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